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This form is for high school participants and should take between 10 and 15 minutes.
We distribute important program information after you submit this form, so please remember to fill this out as soon as you can.

Currently in the tech industry or in college and interested in mentoring? Please visit http://tinyurl.com/includeadvisor.
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Applicants to the #include Summit must be currently enrolled in high school, or home-schooled at the high school level, with the intention of receiving a high school diploma or completing the GED within the next four years.
Please provide the name of a counselor, principal, or teacher at your school.

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If Facebook, please be specific (e.g. friend shared post; from __ group/page).
How many years of experience do you have with computer science? *

This is purely to see where our #include participants start. It won't be used for evaluation purposes.
What has your experience with computer science involved? *

e.g. self-studied, took AP computer science, made a website for a club, programmer for Robotics, etc.
This is purely to see where our #include participants start. It won't be used for evaluation purposes. Please be brief.
Do you want a #include Advisor?

This question is optional -- if you'd like us to match you with a college student or recent college graduate to help you with your initiative, please answer the following question:

Write a note to your future advisor telling him or her about you and what you're looking for in an advisor/advisee relationship. Suggested word length: 150 to 250 words
Please share with us anything else you would like us to know.

The next set of questions are aimed at figuring out how our #include initiative leaders view computer science. Please answer honestly - they have no effect on your application!

How likely are you to take a computer science class in the future? *

5 starts = very likely; 1 star = not likely at all

Knowing computer science/coding will be useful when I grow older. *

Computer science/coding is hard to learn. *

Computer science/coding is typically a boys' field. *

It's possible to easily incorporate computer science or technology into other industries, like art or music. *


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